Exit Interview Formats & Survey Templates

Exit Interview Formats & Survey Templates

The Employee Exit Interview

An employee exit interview is a survey instrument that allows an organization to collect information on employee’s perceptions about their jobs, the way they are treated by their managers, and the way they are interact with their peers. Only at this time in the Employee Lifecycle can you accurately capture the answer to, “Why do our employees leave?”

At all other stages of an employee’s tenure, this answer is theoretical. When an employee quits, it is measurable. Exit Interviews allow a company to identify strengths and weaknesses in other stages of the Employee Lifecycle to improve their organization and management practices. Statistical reports and segmented results derived from a valid and reliable exit interview format can help prioritize issues that reduce turnover and improve existing morale and productivity.

In addition to identifying challenges, exit interviews can identify potential legal liabilities, and promote an ongoing relationship with the company’s alumni. Exit interviews signify the importance of employees in building loyalty to an organization and, by extension, improves turnover.

The Member Exit Interview

1. Associations develop affiliations with members into more than a typical customer relationship. Members identify with, and align to their association in a deeper way than a product or service that they buy. As a result, associations must be able to balance services that will increase new memberships, maintain current member renewals, and manager ever-increasing complexity and cost.

2. Unfortunately, some members may reassess the value they receive and choose not to renew a membership. Knowing and meeting the needs and wants of your members will both highlight those aspects of value that they cannot live without and attract new members. The purpose of exit interviews in this case is to gather feedback on why members are leaving, letting an organization know what to can do to prevent future separations.

The Student Exit Interview

student exit interview

How many student surveys does your college deploy? How many survey reports are used to improve decisions and investments? Student surveys often don’t get the information you need to make better decisions and investments. Student survey results are often not used how they should. The data sits in a spreadsheet, unreadable and unusable.

Modern educational institutions need a centralized student feedback system to cost-effectively attract, motivate, and retain target students. Data from student exit interviews can be used to proactively address student disengagement. Using predictive analytics, student responses can be used to intervene before major issues arise and to significantly reduce turnover and transfer rates.